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World of Warcraft Shadowlands release has been delayed

Published: 23:42, 01 October 2020
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Blizzard announced that Shadowlands will not be released at the previously planned date and World of Warcraft players will have to a bit longer for the next expansion.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is no longer coming on October 27, 2020. Blizzard announced this one the very first day of October but it's quite obvious that the matter has been internally debated for quite a while.

One of the reasons for the delay is that Shadowlands is the team's most intricate expansion to date which brought along previously unseen challenges and this hardship was only amplified by the problems Coronavirus caused. Granted, work from home is a workaround but it's not ideal and by this time it became evident that development on pretty much any game goes slower in this environment.

Furthermore, Blizzard noted that the feedback players provided based on their PTS experience let the team know there is need for a lot more polish and the company reiterated that they are committed to quality. It is unfortunate that they forgot this on Warcraft III: Reforged launch but learning late is better than never.

Blizz didn't provide the exact release date after the delay but one sentence in the statement does say they "need a little more time" for polishing things out which could mean the extra wait will not be too long.

However, the pre-patch will kick in on October 13, 2020, so it's not like the players will not have anything new in the game during the waiting period. While not ideal, the small bit of bridge content should provide a refreshment for the players.

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