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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands balance patch buffs six classes

Published: 21:12, 12 January 2021
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft

Blizzard rolled out a balance hotfix in World of Warcraft where six different classes saw changes, all of them for the better through offence, defence or quality of life changes.

If your character starts feeling somewhat odd after the latest regional restart, it's quite possible it is from one of the six WoW classes that received a balance pass . Some have been nerfed, others buffed.

Blood Death Knights, for example, were buffed as their Bone Shield will now grant armour equal to 70 per cent of their Strength, up from 50 per cent. Frost DKs will also receive a damage bonus of two per cent while wielding two-handed weapons.

Druids received a bit of a quality of life change on Convoke the Spirits so the character will no longer attempt to cast spells on targets affected by Cyclone. It will also no longer ignore targets CCed by abilities whose status is removed on dealing damage, such as Entangling Roots.

Frost Mages have been buffed across the board since all their damage abilities will hit nine per cent harder now.

Monks walking the path of Brewmaster or Windwalker will now gain two per cent damage increase when wielding two-handed weapons.

Rogues' damage in the Assassination tree is going up by eight per cent overall.

Fury Warriors will get eight per cent damage increase on all of their abilities except for Bladestorm and Dragon Roar. However, Meat Cleaver will now increase Whirlwind's damage by just 25 per cent, as opposed to 30 per cent which we had earlier.

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