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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands alpha invites are coming soon

Published: 00:02, 07 April 2020
World of Warcraft - Shadowlands
World of Warcraft - Shadowlands

Blizzard announced that the first round of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands alpha invitations will go out in a few days. The testers will see several of the new features immediately.

BlizzCon 2019 saw the announcement of World of Warcraft's next expansion, Shadowlands, where Sylvanas casually decided to turn into a fart and open a hole in the sky. She soloed the Lich King somewhere along the way.

Five months later, on 6 April 2020, Blizzard announced that the first round of closed alpha invitations will be going out so if you signed up for the testing, you might want to check your email inbox in the following days.

Not all new content will be available during the alpha, or at least not immediately. Blizzard will gradually release more and more as the testing progresses. However, there are several key points that should be available immediately.

Players should immediately see the changes to their spellbook, talents and some classes' resources. There is currently not too much information on this but Blizzard noted they will release a separate blog post on this topic in the coming days.

Quest interface will be getting an update as the developers will try to help the players distinguish major quests that are advancing the narratives from the minor ones. The 3D indicator is a work in progress but it will be available for use, helping everyone orient themselves better in vertically-oriented areas. Furthermore, players will be able to put down personal waypoints on the map.

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Conquest will once again become a dependable currency and it will be earned through Rated PvP in Shadowlands. These points will be used to purchase items in the city Oribos or to upgrade the gear further. Once again, Blizzard noted they would elaborate on these systems further as well as speak more about the endgame itemisation plans.

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