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World of Warcraft is getting a ton of customisation options with Shadowlands

Published: 13:31, 07 July 2020
World of Warcraft Shadowlands new customisation options
World of Warcraft Shadowlands new customisation options

Blizzard are gearing up to launch the next chapter in World of Warcraft's story with Shadowlands expansion but fashionistas might be interested in the datamined customisation for all races first.

Shadowlands will introduce new customisation options for a total of 14 World of Warcraft races. The information comes from data mining, courtesy of Wowhead. The galleries with all the new options are quite chunky as each race has several new additions so we will just link each race's gallery below. 

The races that are receiving new customisation with WoW: Shadowlands are:

  1. Humans
  2. Blood Elves
  3. Night Elves
  4. Void Elves
  5. Draenei
  6. Dwarves
  7. Gnomes
  8. Goblins
  9. Orcs
  10. Pandaren
  11. Tauren
  12. Troll
  13. Undead
  14. Worgen

Overall, both Alliance and Horde got a ton of new cosmetic options but we are sure fans of either faction will find a way to complain about the grass being greener on the other side. It's acceptable only for Orcs, pretty much everyone else has better grass.

One of the highlights is the addition of not-so-rotten versions of the Undead as players will be able to pick between Fresh, Mottled and Bony decay options.

Similarly, Void Elves are getting some skin tones that will make them virtually indistinguishable from the Blood Elves. Then again, they do share the same ancestry so it's not exactly lore-breaking.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth General Gallery

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Human females will also be able to choose different face shapes and they will alter some facial features on the existing presets, such as jawline, nose and mouth.

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