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What to expect on the next TarkovTV podcast?

Published: 20:30, 25 May 2022
Battlestate Games
The lighthouse

Nikita announced TarkovTV happening next week. Is the Lighthouse expansion finally ready and are we going to get new wipe info?

For more than a month now, Battlestate Games have been teasing their fans with pre-wipe-like announcements on Twitter, while the wipe never happened

Today Nikita announced that there will be a new edition of TarkovTV next week, which got people excited as TarkovTV is usually very concrete talk about the Tarkov future roadmap.

Compared to the Twitter tease posts, podcasts are usually very informative, and TarkovTV comes in a short format where Nikita and the Battlestate Games show off their progress and announce the upcoming patches, expansions, and possibly a wipe.

Last month's podcast was very brief, with a lot of content condensed into 45 minutes. We saw the first footage of the Lighthouse expansion, the first in-game Trader a.k.a. Lighthouse keeper, introduction to craft instruments and repair kits, while also talking about the Arena, Streets of Tarkov, anti-cheat measures, and new Rogue bosses.

Battlestate Games Nikita on the April's podcast Nikita on the April's podcast

  What we could expect from May's TarkovTV?

First things first, there will be certainly talking about the wipe, possibly scheduled for mid-June, taking into account that the TarkovTV podcast usually happens within weeks of some major updates. If those updates were to happen without a wipe, we would be talking about a possibly longest-lasting wipe so far.

One of the subjects should also be the exact date of Lighthouse expansion, with or without Lighthouse keeper, as well as the information on when they'll be adding new Rogue bosses to the game, will they be added together with the in-game Trader or earlier?

Optimistic members of the community are expecting the new footage from Streets of Tarkov, and we wouldn't exclude that option as there have been more than six months since the new footage got released. But we are fairly certain it will not feature this wipe, and we won't get the exact date of the release, but hopefully, there could be a talk about a possible premiere near the end of the year (also next, next wipe time).

Even though current Events are amusing to some, the player base seemed to have dropped significantly as with every wipe. We do not have the exact number, but based on Twitch viewers and session waiting time, the numbers are nothing compared to the beginning of the wipe when we had over 100 thousand players waiting in queue to enter the game. 

This wipe will probably not reach those numbers as the momentum is different, and the last wipe happened over a holiday when a lot of people had free time to play, so the numbers back then were probably the highest in the game's history

We just hope that if we encounter the increased player count, it will be handled better than the last wipe as waiting to enter the game for half an hour is not winning anyone over, especially when you get kicked out ten minutes later.

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