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What exactly is Pokemon Legends: Arceus and when will it launch?

Published: 16:36, 26 February 2021
The Pokémon Company
Pokemon Legends: Arceus
Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends: Arceus - the upcoming RPG set in the world of Pokemon - was announced today as part of the Pokemon Presents video showcase. The game aims to add some RPG flash to the tried and true formula.

Today's Pokemon Presents video showcase blew everyone and their second cousin's gym teacher's dog away. Three new games were announced by Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of The Pokemon Company.

Today we'll be focusing on Pokemon Legends: Arceus an RPG title that will launch in early 2022. All three games will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

So what is Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Pokemon Legends: Arceus' development aimed to blend together brand-new action and RPG elements that go beyond the framework established thus far while honouring the core gameplay of the past Pokemon titles.

As Trainers explore the natural expanses in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, they’ll encounter Pokemon that call these grand vistas home. 

To catch wild Pokemon, players can study their behaviours, sneak up on them, then throw Poke Balls. Players can also battle wild Pokemon with their ally Pokemon. By throwing the Poke Ball holding their ally Pokemon near a wild one, players will seamlessly enter the battle. 

This new gameplay angle is intended to provide Trainers with an immersive experience.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus brings Trainers to the vast Sinnoh region as it existed in the past, long before the setting for Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl was established. Rich in nature and with Mount Coronet towering at its heart, this is a Sinnoh unlike anything Trainers have experienced before as they embark to create the region’s first Pokedex.

As they start off on their adventure, Trainers will be able to choose either Rowlet, Cyndaquil, or Oshawott as their first partner Pokemon. These three arrived with a Pokemon Professor, who encountered them on research excursions to various regions.

The Pokémon Company Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pokemon Legends: Arceus

  • Rowlet
    • Category: Grass Quill Pokemon
    • Height: 0.3 m
    • Weight: 1.5 kg
    • Type: Grass/Flying
    • Originally from the Alola region, Rowlet uses photosynthesis to store up energy during the day and becomes active at night. It can silently glide to its target and begin pelting it with vicious kicks.
  • Cyndaquil
    • Category: Fire Mouse Pokemon
    • Height: 0.5 m
    • Weight: 7.9 kg
    • Type: Fire
    • Cyndaquil, a timid Pokemon that is often curled up in a ball, is from the Johto region. The flames on its back flare up when it’s surprised and can also be used to protect itself when attacked.
  • Oshawott
    • Category: Sea Otter Pokemon
    • Height: 0.5 m
    • Weight: 5.9 kg
    • Type: Water
    • Oshawott is from the Unova region and has a scalchop on its stomach. It uses the scalchop to retaliate against attacks and to break open hard Berries.
  • Arceus
    • Category: Alpha Pokémon
    • Height: 3.2 m
    • Weight: 320 kg
    • Type: Normal
    • Arceus is said to have shaped all there is in this world.
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