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THQ Nordic reveal This Is the Police 2 release date

Published: 08:33, 03 July 2018
Updated: 13:17, 24 September 2018
Weappy Studio
Screenshot from This is the Police 2 showing several people around a car
This is The Police 2

This Is the Police 2 will be released worldwide on 02 August 2018 on PC while consoles will have to wait. PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One are the additional confirmed platforms, which will get the game during autumn 2018.

According to THQ Nordic and Weappy Studios, This Is the Police 2 is a mixture of adventure and management genres, but the description is slightly inaccurate. It's not really an adventure game of the Uncharted or Tomb Raider genre, but it's rather a tense story with turn based combat in some situations.

The original This Is the Police didn't have any combat and was leaning towards the management mechanics, but apparently the sequel is looking to strengthen both the strategic and tactical parts of the game.

This Is the Police 2 will push players further than that, as "every challenge requires the player's direct participation on a tactical combat scene", on top of the regular management of your department, the troops' equipment and their individual skills.

THQ Nordic have mentioned earlier that the turn based tactics will be rather intense as one single shot can end the life of any of player controlled officers. This goes both ways though, as perpetrators can be shot down rather easily as well, making for tense situations resembling a game of cat and mouse, except the mouse can kill the cat just as easily.

On top of it all, it was also hinted that players will need to arrest some perpetrators instead of simply gunning them down which adds another layer of risk for their officers. The game's official also hints that players might end up in prison themselves, which is likely a deterrent from simply telling their officers to go ham on everything they see, so the balance between dangerous but non-lethal and safe but lethal force will test the players' wits as much as it will test their patience.

Weappy Studio Picture of an evidence board in This Is the Police 2 This Is the Police 2

The original This Is the Police holds a fairly high score of 84 per cent positive reviews out of 4.400 total on Steam, which is a good sign of things to come. It seems like Weappy Studio weren't content on simply giving players more of the same and opted to drop in additional features to keep the series fresh. It's a bold, progressive move that looks good so far but we will know more on how these new features fit once the game launches.

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