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Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition for Switch release date reveal

Published: 11:21, 06 August 2019
THQ Nordic
Death stands next to ruins facing a passage
Darksiders 2 gameplay

Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition may have a terrible pun-fueled name but it is off-set by well-written and voiced Death, whose adventures we get to live through. It now has an official Nintendo Switch release date - 26 September 2019.

Darksiders 2 has several features but the extended name is not one of them. Deathinitive Edition is as bad of a pun as Red Faction Guerrilla's Re-Mars-tered Edition which is a sign of an era of terrible naming.

Anyway, the actual features of the game include playing as Death, who is probably the most well-written and well-voiced Horseman in the Darksiders series so far.

To top it off, his goals are not as generic as War's supposed path to redemption or Fury's quest for eradicating the seven deadly sins. He instead went on a mission of his own, recognizing that his brother, War, had been set up and is looking to exonerate him. A true bro.

Darksiders 2 delves further into certain RPG elements, such as looting and gear tiers, handling it in a different manner than its predecessor. Therefore, it should offer some freshness if you played the first Darksiders but didn't try the second one out yet.

Considering this is the equivalent of a Definitive Edition, all the DLC will be included and integrated into Darksiders 2, with THQ Nordic estimating the total playtime will be roughly 30 or more hours.

Furthermore, DE players will get their hands on the version of the game with updated balancing and loot tables, which used to be something early adopters weren't too fond off.

Pricing doesn't seem to be too outrageous since Switch users will be able to get their hands on Darksiders 2 DE by shelling out $29.99 / €29.99 / £26.99.

THQ Nordic Elegant redhead warrior just after whipping a bull on steroids. Darksiders 3, Fury

This is pretty much the standard fee for remasters these days, although replayability will be somewhat limited since Darksiders 2 doesn't have any multiplayer components, making Switch's multiplayer potential obsolete. 

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