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Watch Dogs: Legion - updated PC system requirements

Published: 08:24, 13 October 2020
Watch Dogs: Legion
A big game of cat and mouse

The official community account for Uplay on PC has just released an updated system specs for Watch Dogs: Legion, and it shows a lot of possible optimization scenarios for the PC version.

The release of the upcoming open-world action-adventure game from Ubisoft Toronto, Watch Dogs: Legion, is just around the corner. The next installment in Watch Dogs series is releasing later this month, and PC gamers can take a look at the updated system requirements for the game, and prepare their rigs accordingly.

The detailed PC specs sheet is showcasing a wide range of scenarios for optimization, and as you can see, you're gonna need a powerful rig to run the game on the highest settings with RTX on.

To run the game at Ultra settings @4K with DLSS and Ray-Tracing enabled, you're gonna need a beefy PC, with Intel Core i9-9900K or AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU, and the latest Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card. 

For optimal experience 16Gb of RAM in a Dual-channel setup is required, in any case. The PC specs sheet asks for 8Gb of RAM for the lowest settings, but we think that 8 gigs of RAM would just not be enough for any upcoming triple-A game.

If these specs are to be trusted, the game will not demand that powerful beast to run on 1440p resolution at High settings, as you'll need a mid-range PC, with Ryzen 3600 and RTX 2060 Super. 

We do not know what's the frame-rate target for these specs, but we'd bet our money at 60fps.

Here are the full Watch Dogs: Legion PC specs sheet:

Ubisoft official PC specs for Watch Dogs: Legion PC version Watch Dogs Legion updated PC specs

Some of the PC-exclusive features are:

  • Uncapped frame-rate
  • In-depth customization options
  • Multi-monitor & widescreen support
  • Ray-Tracing and Nvidia DLSS
  • Dedicated benchmark with Ray-Tracing
  • DX11 compatible (DX12 is required for optimal experience)

Watch Dogs: Legion is releasing October 29, for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and next month for next-gen consoles as a launch title for both new Xbox and PlayStation, so make sure to visit AltChar regularly for more Watch Dogs: Legion content.

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