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Watch Dogs Legion is getting 60 FPS patch on next-gen consoles very soon

Published: 13:11, 02 April 2021
Watch Dogs Legion
Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft's post-Brexit action-adventure Watch Dogs Legion will be getting a 60 FPS update on next-gen consoles Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, very soon.

Ubisoft have officially confirmed that Watch Dogs Legion is set to receive a 60 FPS update for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. The patch is currently in the works and should be coming soon to the next-gen consoles, which at the moment, run the game at locked 30 FPS. This is of course, far from the ideal frame rate since the majority of new games have offered both 30 FPS and 60 FPS modes.

Watch Dogs Legion launched before the next-gen consoles so it's understandable that the devs have not bothered with the next-gen patch at that time but it's safe to say that an update would be welcomed by those who own next-gen consoles. 

Ubisoft confirmed the news via Reddit AMA, replying to one of the questions about the 60 FPS option: "We'll have more details about this in our future TUs and Patch notes. 60fps for next-gen consoles is in development and we'll announce the exact release dates with our future TUs," Watch Dogs Legion devs stated in the comment.

BBC Creative director Clint Hocking rendered in Watch Dogs: Legion Watch Dogs: Legion creative director Clint Hocking

At the moment, the details about the patch are pretty scarce, we only know that the patch will add an option for 60 FPS. Whether there will be more improvements and additions it remains to be seen, hopefully, Ubisoft will talk soon about this. 

Watch Dogs Legion is Ubisoft's post-Brexit shooter

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Watch Dogs: Legion

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