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Watch Dogs: Legion - Spoiler-heavy datamine reveals possible future content

Published: 14:10, 11 June 2021
BBC's Marc Cieslak in Watch Dogs: Legion virtual interview
BBC's Marc Cieslak in Watch Dogs: Legion interview

Ubisoft Forward is coming up and one Reddit user decided that it is time to share some spoilerific details they've datamined from the game's 4.0 Update and Legion Of The Dead.

Be warned:


Watch Dogs Legion is Ubisoft's post-Brexit shooter

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Watch Dogs: Legion

One Reddit user who has since deleted their account claims that they have datamined a bunch of files from the game's 4.0 Update and Legion Of The Dead.

The 4.2 Update has since removed the SPOILER assets we'll be presenting in this article. The Ubisoft Forward showcase at E3 is coming up tomorrow, June 12, so we'll see if any of these turn out legit. 


Datamined content - as presented in the Reddit post:

Mask Toggle - One of the next updates will allow you to force the mask off, on or make it automatic like it already is.

STYL123D Bundle - Three new outfits in the store, the outfits are named V1LL1AN, 2ENITH and SOV3R3IGN. It also includes vehicle paint job, weapon paint job and masks.

Drone Killer and Bouncer, Drone Killer comes with 3 abilities - GPS Spoofing which slows down all nearby drones, Drone Disruptor which is a weapon that fires waves of energy that damage and stuns drones and finally Drone Shock hack, which allows you to hack drones to damage and stun them. Bouncer has a Bull Rush ability which kills an enemy when you run into him and he can also deal increased damage to stunned and staggered enemies. It is also possible that Bouncer will come with something like Air Shotgun from Watch Dogs 2. The model for it will possibly look like Tavor TS-12 Shotgun.

Extraction Online Gamemode - Recover Crypto Drives and Deliver them to the Upload Point, it is said that the enemy players are 404, same for invasion.

Invasion Online Gamemode - There are no single-player invasions, you cannot be invaded in single-player, it is only in the multiplayer free-roam lobby. You can also disable invasion in settings to not be an invasion target when somebody starts it. The description says "a classic Watch Dogs Game mode. Invade unsuspecting targets" Although they are planning to add some ability where you can switch to any NPC you are looking at which seems pretty weird and non-classic. Again it is said rivals are 404 for some reason.

Resistance Mode - Resistance Mode is essentially a new difficulty in the game, remember how Far Cry 5 received a new difficulty together with New Game+ update? I am sure they are doing the same here. When you start a new game you will be greeted by a prompt where you can choose if you want to play Resistance Mode for hardcore difficulty or Classic Mode for a casual experience. Once you complete the story with Resistance Mode you get an achievement called "Long Live DedSec".

Old lady tazering a security guard in Watch Dogs: Legion Old lady tazering a security guard in Watch Dogs: Legion Watch Dogs: Legion

Changes that affect the game as part of Resistance Mode:

Fast Travel is disabled, you can still switch operatives to fast travel though.

Combat, melee, and pursuit are more difficult.

Almost all enemies are Elite and use their special gadget more often.

Ammo count is reduced.

Detection is much faster making stealth harder.

Albion will recognize dedsec members if you get too close.

Going through an Albion checkpoint will make you get instantly detected.

Cooldowns are longer.

Reinforcement calls are quicker.

Health regeneration takes longer to kick in.

Explosives cannot be trapped by hacking, you have to shoot them.

Injury and Arrest times are longer.

Spiderbots cannot do takedowns.

Permadeath is always enabled.

Certain tech points are harder to get, they are trapped, collecting will give you a felony.

Borough Uprisings might give some extra buffs for the player.

Here is the original Reddit post where you will find story spoilers for Bloodline, Assassins Creed Event and Darcy. Each post starts with the Abilities of the respective characters.

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