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Watch Dogs and Oxenfree join the freebie wagon

Published: 12:29, 20 December 2017
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You’ve got to love the holiday season if not for the Christmas trees and whatnot, then for the game deals - and what better deals than freebies. End of 2017 has turned into a cheapskate heaven, as it seems world plus dog is giving away flagship games and now Watch Dogs and Oxenfree have joined the ranks of proud games that decided to get out of the premium closet. Yeah, lame joke, but hey, I’m on a tight schedule here. Anyhow, onto the goodies.

If we didn't know better, we’d say Ubisoft is getting ready to ditch this town or at least suffering from a terminal illness, what with the company giving away games left and right. First and now Watch Dogs, they really seem to have taken to the holiday spirit. The games require you to download the company’s Uplay client, after which installation is simple. The offer is good for another 3-4 days at the time of writing and yes, giving away two games still technically qualifies as left and right.

Ubisoft Two armed men fighting Watch Dogs

GOG has decided to , a gorgeous supernatural mystery thriller. It’s basically an artsy adventure game that does a great job of painting a seemingly calm yet tense mood, with some obvious nods to Stephen King, horror movies of the 80s and even the hand painted style of Song of The Sea. It’s a slow paced game relying heavily on characters and storyline, reminiscent of the games of old but with real time dialogue choices.

Night School Studio Two girls talking at dusk Oxenfree

Night School Studio Two girls crossing the bridge at night Oxenfree

We can’t forget the honourable freebie mentions, of whom a few arrived just a bit too early for holidays but are still worthy additions, such as . There are plenty of other deals, such as and 75 per cent off prices but we’ll try to stick to the ancient discipline of cheapskating and go for full free games, rather than just good deals, DLC, or whatever else. One thing is for sure though - with the tempo of games being given away, you definitely want to keep the cheapmobile oiled up and running.  


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