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Wasteland 3 release has been delayed again

Published: 09:38, 01 April 2020
inXile Entertainment
Picture of Desert Rangers about to fight a giant robot in Wasteland 3
Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 has gone through its second major release date delay as inXile Entertainment announced that the remote work caused issues with the studio's schedules and the release date is now set for 28 August 2020

Coronavirus' disruptive effect on gaming industry continues as inXile Entertainment announced that the remote work will impact the development of Wasteland 3.

With that in mind, the new release date is set for 28 August 2020. This marks the second release date delay as the game was originally supposed to come out in Q4 2019 but was then moved to 19 May 2020 . With the additional three months in development, Wasteland 3 will have been delayed for almost a year from the original date.

Those extra development months will be put toward polishing the product, based on the feedback from the recently held beta. Wasteland 3 received praise all around but there were bugs and other kinks that could be worked out. Should those be successfully dealt with, we might be in for a wonderful post-nuclear winter wonderland in late August 2020.

As you can see from the response on the official announcement , while the fans are thirsty for a new entry in Wasteland series, they are supportive of inXile's decision, citing the safety of the developer team as something that should be in focus during the pandemic. Others are simply happy that Wasteland 3 will not be a celebration of all kinds of bugs at release.

inXile Entertainment Picture of Desert Rangers engaging in combat with someone Wasteland 3

Overall, it indeed makes all of us who are anxiously waiting for the Rangers' adventures in Colorado sad but it's important to remember that the game is not developed by robots but rather human beings who also need rest and safety.

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