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Wasteland 3 gets a proper trailer on Gamescom 2019

Published: 13:19, 20 August 2019
inXile Entertainment
Screenshot of Rangers and a Scorpitron in Wasteland 3
Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 gave fans a scare during E3 2019 with a trailer that didn't fit the franchise's tone but the Gamescom trailer proved there was nothing to be afraid about. Thankfully, it features Scotchmo in a much smaller capacity this time.

Wasteland 3 will take place in frozen Colorado as opposed to their home state Arizona where the first two games took place, for the most part. The developers worked out a story to fit a rather important reason for leaving Arizona into the story.

Apparently, the state is in major trouble for unmentioned reasons and the Patriarch of Colorado is offering the Desert Rangers a bargain - they can help him bring his three children together as they previously fought over power and splintered into factions. In return, the Patriarch offers his assurance that the Rangers' organisation will continue to exist.

Thankfully, Scotchmo does not narrate this trailer and he is limited to being one of the squad members that actually doesn't speak at all this time around but that doesn't mean he's not voiced.

The other Rangers have some voice lines it seems but they are limited to combat situations, as you can hear Shellshock yelling "Here comes the pain train!" at 0:59 time stamp. Still, this is a major step up since none of the created Rangers in Wasteland 2 had any voice lines, unlike everyone else in the game.

Several of the combat elements from Wasteland 2 are making a return. Burst fire on both assault rifles and SMGs is seen mere seconds after Shellshock's battle cry and Leadership bonus can be seen over his icon when the control is transferred to Scotchmo.

Furthermore, precision shots are making a return from Wasteland 2 Director's Cut, in an overhauled HUD that mimics a weapon scope.

inXile Entertainment Picture of Desert Rangers engaging in combat with someone Wasteland 3

One major difference is the way weapon mastery is handled. You can see Banshee equipping an energy crossbow at 1:17 and the weapon no longer requires Energy Weapons but rather Automatic Weapons skill, which could mean these plasma-powered weapons will be integrated into other skill trees.

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Wasteland 2: Director's Cut

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