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Wasteland 3 patch fixes the infamous Fishlips encounter

Published: 19:46, 05 September 2020
inXile Entertainment
Wasteland 3
Wasteland 3

inXile Entertainment released a Wasteland 3 patch on PC that fixed many bugs that were frequently reported in the launch week, including the Fishlips encounter that would break the game.

Fishlips is the first Wasteland 3 fans saw all those years back when the game and its Fig crowdfunding campaign were announced but when we finally got to reach him in 2020, it wasn't much of a joy.

While different from that initial gameplay trailer, neither the character nor the game got degraded from what we've seen in that trailer from half a decade ago, it's just the launch woes of modern gaming as players would suffer an eternal loop of character switching in the encounter. With the patch 1.1.0, this should no longer be the case.

Besides Fishlips, one notable encounter that was troublesome is La Perla - a slaver who asks the Rangers to bring in a girl who escaped to freedom. This quest couldn't be finished before, which was quite the raw deal for the Rangers who chose to kill the slaver and probably faced the toughest fight up to that point, only to find out that the quest log still told them to talk with the charismatic baddie.

With 1.1.0, that has been dealt with and the quest can now be completed.

Besides the problematic cannibal and slaver duo, one of the biggest issues with Wasteland 3 was the unstable co-op mode. That part of the game has received several fixes as well. Character and quest progression will no longer be lost due to co-op, infinite loading screens should be gone for most players and multiple crashes have been dealt with.

Talking with Hope Emerson and Irv should be safe now.

On the other hand, there is no word on possible fixes on the Gipper encounter that tends to cause extreme stuttering.

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