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Wasteland 3 game length revealed

Published: 16:48, 07 April 2020
inXile Entertainment
Picture of Desert Rangers about to fight a giant robot in Wasteland 3
Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3's size has been described roughly the same as Wasteland 2, with more accent on quality content and more immersion.

Brian Frago revealed that Wasteland 3 will last for 50 to 60 hours which is quite the bang for your buck, assuming the game will have the standard AAA price.

The information comes from the interview inXile's main man had with Gamingbolt , where he divulged the aforementioned estimate of how long the players will need to beat Wasteland 3, along with a few elaborations on what will improve, compared to the previous entry in the series.

One of the main advantages is that inXile will now have access to the dialogue system Obsidian used in Outer Worlds, giving Wasteland 3 a chance to have "a much deeper and interwoven story" than what was previously possible.

Furthermore, the game has a team of writers as opposed to just one person in Wasteland 2, which should result in players of the third part in the series having a more meaningful choice, adding to the game's depth.

Besides that, getting acquired by Microsoft led to inXile Entertainment getting more resources, which enabled the team to have a fully voiced Wasteland game for the first time in the series.

As a reminder, some key characters in Wasteland 2 were voiced but it was far from a fully voiced game. 

inXile Entertainment Screenshot of Rangers and a Scorpitron in Wasteland 3 Wasteland 3

Before the Director's Cut, none of the characters' lines in combat were actually voiced so it was somewhat strange when we got to hear Ralphie's "Wowza" for the first time. That said, yours truly still gets mad at squadmates that go rogue.

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