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InXile Studio Head on Microsoft partnership: "Nothing but encouragement, respect and support"

Published: 08:31, 24 May 2022
Brian Fargo is full of praise for Microsoft
Brian Fargo is full of praise for Microsoft

InXile Entertainment head Brian Fargo says Microsoft have been a "perfect partner" and have allowed them total creative freedom for their upcoming game. 

Brian Fargo enjoys the partnership with Microsoft since the American tech giant acquired his InXile Entertainment studio a couple of years ago. Fargo took to Twitter to respond to some users who suggested that InXile's games have become "Game Pass fodder" without the true creativity or quality that is expected from this RPG studio. 

Fargo made it clear that Microsoft have been supportive both financially and operationally and did not try to change the studio in any way. 

"Microsoft have been perfect partners for us and I’ve worked with a lot of people in my career. Nothing but encouragement, operational support, creative freedom and respect for game development. So yes, I’m most impressed with them and you will see their bets pay off,"  Fargo tweeted.

Faran Brygo inXile Entertainment inXile Entertainment

Brian Fargo and his InXile studio certainly are true legends of the games industry so it's definitely nice to see that Microsoft have been treating them well since they acquired the studio back in 2018. 

InXile Entertainment are currently working on a brand new AAA FPR RPG, which is yet to be announced. The game is rumoured to be codenamed Project Cobalt and apparently, it's set in a dark Steampunk world with zeppelins, steam engines and Victorian-era streets. 

Below, you can check out the personal work of InXile's concept artist Aleksandar Danilovac which is rumoured to be representative of the game's look. 

Aleksandar Danilovac Victorian street - personal work from InXile's concept artist Victorian street - personal work from InXile's concept artist

We could finally see InXile's new game at the upcoming Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, which is scheduled for June 12, 2022. The game is probably still a couple of years away but a CGI announcement trailer at the show would not be surprising at all. 

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