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Warframe getting summer-themed Tactical Alert called Dog Days

Published: 08:49, 06 August 2019
Digital Extremes
Warframe's summer-themed ad for Tactical Alert - Dog Days
Warframe, Dog Days

Digital Extremes have announced that Warframe's summer-themed Tactical Alert mission Dog Days has officially kicked off and will last until 12 August 2019. As you can see, it's all about nerf guns, or Soaktrons as the dev calls them.

Not to be confused with nerfed guns, which are nowhere nearly as fun, Warframe's advanced Soaktron weaponry uses high calibre water, wink wink, which is refilled on the special springs.

Once reloaded, Warframe players will be wielding Soaktrons and hopefully blowing them Grineer soakers out of the water.

As you can see, Dog Days grants players high-tech flotation devices, suggesting that Tenno aren't as great swimmers as they are killers. Thankfully, your job will be the latter.

Dog Days is an arena-style challenge and it's quite straightforward - at the end of the round, the Warframe team with the most kills is the winner.

Note that Dog Days does not feature Mods, Pets or Abilities, so you'll be relying on marksmanship. "During your water wars, you'll earn currency that can be exchanged at Nakak in Cetus for extra rewards, including Floofs, Captura Scenes and more", Digital Extremes wrote.

The Dog Days Tactical Alert lasts until 12 August 2019 at 11am ET, and there are a few goodies to be won. No, not towels.

Mission 1: 50,000 Credits and Redeemer Abysso Skin

Mission 2: 50,000 Credits and Hydroid's Relay Scene

Mission 3: 50,000 Credits and Hydroid Reprise Noggle

Mission 4: Orokin Reactor and Stratos Emblem

Digital Extremes is also selling limited-time Dog Days Noggle Pack and Rollers Color Picker in the market, in the same ridiculous summer-theme.

That said, we can't stop chuckling at just how silly the beach-Tenno look in Dog Days videos and photos - like fish out of water.

Digital Extremes Gauss and Grendel, two upcoming Warframe characters Warframe, Gauss and Grendel

This year's TennoCon brought about slight changes in Digital Extremes' scheduling, as well as the new that would give Blizzard a run for their money.

The dev also provided a breakdown of features coming with , an ambitious update that will add the Railjack and brand new co-op opportunities to the game.

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