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Waframe will get Fortuna expansion in November 2018

Published: 15:30, 20 October 2018
Digital Extremes
Picture of a Tenno meeting a Corpus person on promotional poster for Warframe Fortuna
Warframe - Fortuna

Digital Extremes have revealed that Fortuna, the open world expansion to Warframe that was announced at this year's TennoCon, will be launching in November 2018 initially for PC, while the console editions are to follow soon after.

The company announced the news via the official website and they specifically used "soon after" for the console editions of Warframe: Fortuna, so we're guessing it shouldn't be too long of a wait for the gamepad wielding hordes.

Standard Warframe patches on consoles usually lag behind the PC version a few weeks, so hopefully, this ends up being the case for Fortuna as well. On the other hand, we are talking about a much heftier update than normal, so it's possible that Digital Extremes may require a bit more time than that.

As for Fortuna itself, we're talking about Warframe's expansion that takes the game to Orb Vallis, an open world Venusian region that hides the underground city of Fortuna. The region's native population are Solaris, mechanically augmented people who are toiling away to buy their freedom.

Speaking of their freedom, Solaris are actually slaves to their Corpus overlords and Fortuna is what they call debt-interment colony. Whatever they call it though, I think we can all agree that they make the of any colony in Warframe.

Unlike the warm and cosy city of Fortuna, Orb Vallis is a hostile landscape filled, courtesy of Orokin terraformation devices and Venusian atmosphere. It houses many Corpus outposts and colonies, with Fortuna being one of the later.

As the company already revealed, one of the first features of Warframe: Fortuna that from the audience at TennoCon are the hoverboards, which promise to be a seriously fun way to traverse Venusian terrain. There's also the Railjack interceptor, another high profile addition that doesn't promise - it guarantees a bunch of fun.

Digital Extremes Picture of a Tenno inside a Railjack looking at the outside of Railjack Warframe - Railjack

Digital Extremes also teased hunting, which this time around doesn't revolve around killing creatures but putting them to sleep and relocating them for conservation. I know, it's a game but nevertheless - it's a really nice touch by one of our favourite Canadians ever.

You can find the official announcement , or check out the lengthy breakdown of Fortuna from the links provided in the text. 

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