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Warframe's next update gets clip called We All Lift Together

Published: 23:17, 10 July 2018
Updated: 16:26, 11 July 2018
Digital Extremes
Revenant and Garuda, two new warframes from Warframe
Warframe, Revenant and Garuda

Digital Extremes obviously have a penchant for music and the music video for Warframe's new update Fortuna really strikes a chord, even if there will be little singing once you start wreaking havoc across the frozen planes of Venus.

Nevertheless, there ain't a soul alive that can tell me Digital Extremes haven't nailed the look, feel and sound of We All Lift Together just right. There's a peculiar calmness emanating from the chanting of the Solaris United, so full props to developer and whoever ultimately crafted the song.

There's symbolism here aplenty, since you could say the song is about the industrious Solaris just as easily as it could be about Warframe's playerbase, which is one of the most devoted ones around. How many games that launched in 2013 could you say are still around? How many of them have Tennocon?

Digital Extremes and Warframe have raised $200,000 for a charity on the event, their biggest score yet, unveiling a bunch of content that was one of the prime example of catering to your players. As much as one would expect this to be the norm, we all know it's often not the case. But, I digress.

The video takes place in Fortuna, Venusian underground, which is actually a bustling marketplace that Warframers are sure to abuse often. If the interchanging robot and human components haven't already given you a clue, Venus is the place to go for proper customization.

While the Solaris United are toiling away in a frozen hell so as to repay their debt to Corpus, Tenno will be strutting their stuff around on fancy new hoverboards, tricks included. I already see more tricks being added to Warframe down the line, even if it is just a thought at the moment.

Codename: Railjack is still in development, as well as two new warframes, Revenant and Garuda, all of which will be coming before the end of 2018. Railjack on the other hand will give you a new level of ship customization, sharing responsibilities with your crew members along the way.

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