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Warface ranked Season 28 rewards, start and end dates announced

Published: 04:05, 18 February 2021

Warface devs announced all the juicy details of the ranked Season 28 that we can already enjoy for about two weeks.

Another two-week season is currently going on in Warfrace, having kicked off on February 17, 2021. The end date is set for March 3, 2021, and the exact hour of the conclusion will be 00:30 PT / 8:30 UTC.

This time around, the players will be able to compete on the Plant the Bomb maps along with the ones meant for Blitz, except for Platform. SEDs are not included in Ranked.

PKP Pecheneg is the biggest rewards players can look forward to this season and to obtain the weapon permanently, they will need to reach the 10th league.

The weapon is normally meant to have a support role but this is a machine gun in a video game after all. In other words, spray away and hope you get some kills while wasting enough ammo to make sharpshooters cry. That said, do try to keep the weapon under control as bursts are the optimal way to use it. While fun, spraying will not actually get you far.

Besides the PKP, you can earn achievements, cards for crafting weapons and loot boxes with rare camos.

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