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Warface - Operation "Hydra" now live for PC

Published: 21:52, 24 December 2019
Blackwood Games
Warface characters around a Christmas tree

Warface has a new operation for the PC players. Operation "Hydra" will see the players fighting off waves of enemies before encountering a new boss. The new operation requires a team of three. New weapons have also been added for each class.

Warface, the free-to-play first-person shooter, and its players just got an early Christmas present - a new PvE operation. The new operation is called "Hydra" and it is now available as a free update for the PC version of the game. 

The story kicks into gear as Blackwood soldiers manage to capture the "Vega-5" squad and Agent Noda - the brave souls who prevented the extermination of colonists on Mars. They are being kept on board the Blackwood mobile naval base called "Hydra". Roll credits.

A special Warface unit named "Sigma-3" has been sent to the island to save their squad-mates but they were discovered by the enemy. Your mission, should you choose know the drill will be to defend a special terminal located in the centre of the map and to repel 20 waves of Blackwood soldiers, cyborgs, and mini-bosses.

The last wave of enemies will introduce a new boss to the fight.

New gameplay mechanics in the "Hydra" operation: 

  • Unlike other special Operations, "Hydra" requires a team of three players. This makes the gaming experience more diverse and more interesting, as players have to compose new combinations of existing characters to find the most effective way to fight back the enemy. 
  • "Hydra" employs a fundamentally new Special Operation mechanic where the reward depends on the number of repelled enemy waves
  • The unique series of "Hydra" weapons have also been added to the game. It includes popular and powerful models with themed looks for each class of characters. "Hydra" weapons can be acquired depending on the success in the operation.

You can download Warface via .

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