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Warface is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this summer

Published: 19:14, 28 June 2018
Four women are wearing Crysis nano suits for maximum nerd appeal

Warface's publisher has announced that the Crytek-developed game will be joining PlayStation 4 and Xbox One's rosters later this year, although the release dates weren't specified. The game will employ the free to play model.

Warface is a first person shooter that features both co-op and PvP game modes. While it's been released long ago, the graphics have aged well so the game should hold up with the competition once it gets released for consoles. 

There are four game modes that were confirmed to make the cut for a console launch so far, but the publisher has stated that more modes will also make an appearance. The four confirmed PvP modes are Plant the Bomb, Storm, Destruction and the inescapable Battle Royale.

Plant the Bomb is self explanatory - one team is trying to plant the bomb in the enemy base, while the other team is trying to annihilate them or defuse the bomb in case it gets planted. It's your classic Counter-Strike drill. 

Storm is a game mode that will be familiar to Battlefield series veterans, where they played a similar mode, just bearing the name "Rush". One team will attempt to take control of three control points while the other is defending, but instead of respawn tickets, they will be limited by a timer. Once the timer runs out, the teams will swap their roles.

Destruction is also a point control mode, but it will require teams to take control of one of the three points on the map and hold it long enough to be able to call in an airstrike. The first team to call three airstrikes in wins.

The last PvP mode is an absolutely original one that I'm sure no one saw coming - Battle Royale. In a never before seen spectacle, players will be dropped into the murder zone with just a melee weapon and will have to go through looting everything they find and then proceed to kill everyone they find. On the flip side, it does sound kind of innovative since the developer and publisher both claim that Battle Royale rounds last just five to seven minutes.

Crytek Two soldiers are looking silly because they are wearing bike helmets Warface

In PvE, players will be part of the titular Warface military faction, fighting their seemingly endless war against Blackwood enemy forces. Class system akin to the one in Battlefield series is also present in the game, as players will get to choose between Rifleman, Sniper, Medic or Engineer.

The game will enter closed beta this summer and there are apparently "extensive plans" for free updates after launch.

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