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Mortal Kombat 11 leaked by Spanish voice actor after dismissal

Published: 00:59, 17 November 2018
Warner Bros.
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Mortal Kombat X

The Next Mortal Kombat game could be just around the corner as Spanish voice actor behind Kung Lao and Reptile voices revealed that game localisation company Pink Noise Studios have removed his characters from the upcoming Mortal Kombat XI.

NetherRealm Studios' next Mortal Kombat title may have been revealed in a Twitter rant by Spanish voice actor Eduardo Garza. The man behind Kung Lao's and Reptile's Spanish voices sent a tweet to game localisation company called Pink Noise Studio confirming that his characters were being removed from the game.

The original tweet is in Spanish but some Twitter users were helpful and translated the message to English. "Well, finally I confirm that the "professionals" of Pink Noise decided to remove my characters from Mortal Kombat XI," Garza said before calling out the company for making bad consumer decisions "How sad that a company ends up making decisions that affect both me and consumers. Goodbye Kung Lao and Reptile," he concluded.

This could mean that NetheRealm Studios are making some roster choices for the next game but it's an unexpected decision to remove characters like Kung Lao and Reptile. It's also weird that Garza doesn't mention the developer directly, only the game localisation company. Another thing to consider is that the game could be far in development since game localisation is something that is usually done near the end of the development process. 

Of course, people started asking Garza about the game, but he quickly replied that he doesn't know the name of the next Mortal Kombat, only that new stuff is in the works and he's not invited to voice his characters. "I do not know if it is MKXI, Mk 10.5, MKXYZ or whatever; The point is that for the new material I was not summoned," Garza explained.

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Eduardo Garza has been involved in many Spanish localisations of popular games including Lucio from Overwatch and Krillin from Dragonball Z and of course, the already mentioned Mortal Kombat characters. 

Warner Bros. nor NetherRealm haven't said a word about the thing, so all of this is just speculation and rumours in the end. We haven't heard from NetherRealm since their last bit of DLC for Injustice 2 earlier this year so it's reasonable to think they're pretty busy with the next Mortal Kombat game. 


Mortal Kombat X by NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros.

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