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Viking Conquest Reforged patch 2.059 is now live for all users

Published: 21:47, 19 May 2021
Viking Conquest
Viking Conquest Reforged still going strong with updates

Since its first release in September 2008, Mount & Blade has developed a large modding community. One of those mods, which has grown into, for all intents and purposes, a DLC, is Viking Conquest. This article brings you its latest updates.

The patch notes for the 2.059 are now available for steam and GOG users and will be updated automatically. For all others, they may download the latest patch at TaleWorlds' website.

The newest patch focuses on both quality of life changes as well as fixing bugs in the basic game mechanics.

Those players not using one of the mentioned auto-update options are advised to do so manually, as these changes offer more balance to the game and give the player fewer things to worry about when thinking of saving so a bug doesn't ruin a good playthrough.

For those of us sweating the small stuff, tournaments are now not only more optimized but also more realistic. We can plan ahead when in tournament display lobbies, as the fighters displayed will be the actual fighters taking part. Also, no need to worry about losing all your hard-earned money you bet on yourself due to irregular tournament spawning.

TaleWorlds Viking Conquest Reforged defensive siege battle Viking Conquest Reforged defensive siege battle

The quality of life changes are as follows:

- made "mnu_castle_taken_native" exit like the other options

- added a warning about breaking the story game to cheat

- fixed camera on allied troops at Doccinga

- now using actual fighters for tournament display

Other changes concerning base game mechanics are:

-  revised surrender dialog logic so town lords don't auto surrender above "minimum to consider"

- fixed possible string bug pillage monastery quest

- made player's stronghold follow his/her faction changes

- gave Pict females access to speed bonus in multiplayer

- fixed tournament spawning and initialization

- completed the second outfit at tournaments

Whether you choose to live in times of the conquest of Britain by the heathens or forge your own legends as warlords, conquerors, kings, and noblemen, one thing is for sure, you will be able to do so with more enjoyment and in-game stability.

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