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Bannerlord players find faults with the portrayal of the Aserai

Published: 05:34, 17 August 2021
TaleWorlds Entertainment
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

All Bannerlord factions are, more or less, based on real-life cultures and civilizations. The Aserai are, obviously, based on the Arabs, but players are pointing out that some mistakes in the process are ruining the immersion.

Each clan has the word Banu before the name since and it's Arabic, meaning "Sons of", typically attributing a clan to one of its remarkable forefathers. This exists until today and that part is done quite well, to be honest.

But anything after and before Banu is way out of Arabic 90% of the time. The clan names themselves aren't bad, they are actually so awesome that Ione can't resist restarting a new game as Aserai and calling their clan Banu Rijad.

For the sake of not sounding like a complete nitpicker, we will focus on the first names only. We can safely say that "Arwa" and "Tariq" are the only names found that are actually Arabic with the rest being very strange and weird. Just take a look at "Tais" for example, it means Goat, an actual goat. In a world where names carry strength, you will be hard-pressed to take seriously anyone with that name. Just imagine getting a diplomatic envoy, from Goat.

Now to us, Western-minded people, this may not sound too bad. We are, after all, used to connecting the word goat to the acronym, greatest of all time, but you get our point, as in Arabic, this exclusively refers to the farm animal.

By no means do we mean to undermine the amazing work that is done to the game. However, these details that fly under the radar give off the feeling of a half-finished project, with the other half done the night before.

Maybe the argument goes that TaleWorlds making such names to no associate to actual personalities but Arabic has so many names that haven't been used since ancient times and many unpopular names that can fill the amazing world of Calradia and not just in Aserai.

Remember when Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord made us think of scenes like this? Even pictures of Aserai cities make you hear the bustle of a desert market Even pictures of Aserai cities make you hear the bustle of a desert market

The second thing to talk about is the Aserai architecture and culture. Finally, something Arabic is done right! it really makes you feel as if you've entered the "One thousand Arabian nights". However, one important part of the Arabian skyline is the minarets. Adding them would add to the authenticity, and they themselves don't neccesarily need to be connected to religion. But not seeing them leaves a tiny, but noticeable hole in an otherwise beautifully done Arabian settingmount and blade

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