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Order of Battle system is making a comeback in Bannerlord

Published: 03:13, 18 August 2021
TaleWorlds Entertainment
TaleWorlds' plans for the future of Bannerlord paint a bright picture
TaleWorlds' plans for the future of Bannerlord paint a bright picture

While the Mount & Blade series has always emphasised fighting alongside and commanding your troops from within the thick of the battle, nothing speaks against establishing some order before you clash with your enemies!

Over the past few months, dozens of new scenes, items, animations, icons, artwork, and sounds have been added to the game, greatly expanding the options and experiences available to us while journeying through Calradia. Additionally, several new features and systems were introduced, presenting us with fresh challenges while giving us greater control over key aspects of the game.

Now, Bannerlord plans on introducing a system of strategy to the game. This system is nothing new, however, as it has been planned in the original skill tree, but fans are excited to see it make a comeback. It should influence the battles in such a way that strategy makes more of a difference, all the while making strategizing more enjoyable.

Order of Battle system allows you to influence the deployment of your troops before the battle begins, giving battles in Bannerlord more depth. With it, they will not boil down to the art of warfare developed in Warband. We all know what I am talking about, and that is, of course, the Swadian knight's charge. Rather, players will have more time to deploy troops as they see fit, and not feel as if they are being ambushed and having to order troops around as soon as they spawn on the field. Whatever happens, after the battle starts is another matter, just the way it is supposed to be.

TaleWorlds Entertainment Prepare for battle with the Order of Battle deployment phase Prepare for battle with the Order of Battle deployment phase

Alongside Order of Battle, devs are working on the Banner Bearer feature, which will allow heroes to bring their banners to battle and have them carried by soldiers within their formation. Not only will this make battles more colorful and visually diverse, but there will also be gameplay effects for the soldiers marching under each banner.

With these two options in place, battles in Bannerlord will reach a new level, never seen even in Warband.

Not to mention the Battle Terrain System which has been introduced earlier. With it, strategy becomes paramount. Moving across the map and picking your battles wisely, then using the Order of Battle system to choose your tactics, and afterward charging ahead alongside your companions under distinct banners.

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