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TaleWorlds finally implement changes to Bannerlord sieges

Published: 07:26, 19 January 2022
Updated: 07:27, 19 January 2022
TaleWorlds Entertainment
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Bannerlord - A town to siege

It seems that TaleWorlds have finally broken past the barrier of keeping the game afloat by hot fixing issues, and are now in the process of balancing and improving the game itself.

Starting on the world map, TaleWorlds increased the effectiveness of starvation as a siege tactic. Garrisons will no longer die from starvation, instead, they become wounded - and continue to consume food.

You can see on the Siege UI exactly how much food is stored in the market and get a better idea of when starvation will kick in. Moving on to siege missions, they have completely reworked the climbing of siege ladders and siege towers, fixing or otherwise improving many of the known issues. Finally, a number of AI behaviors were improved to make sieges more challenging and engaging.

If you’d like to check out the siege updates without risking your Ironman save file, you could always make use of the increased unit count in Custom Battle that allows you to take up to 2000 units into battle in a more controlled environment. But just to clear up any possible misconception here, the maximum number of spawned troops is still governed by the Battle Size gameplay setting.

Prisoner scene in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord The fight went from 30v70 to 1v1, then that went badly.

If all that sounds a bit too hectic for you, you can make use of the Slow Down While Giving Orders setting that slows down game time by 75% while you are issuing orders. This setting is enabled by default, but you can always disable it from the Gameplay options if you prefer to command your troops in real-time

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