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Bannerlord will get a competitive ranked multiplayer system

Published: 02:04, 19 August 2021
TaleWorlds Entertainment
Unique Town scenes for you to explore and conquer with more spirit in the multiplayer
Bannerlord - A town to siege

While following the trends in games usually gives out a short success, followed by losing interest in the project, some things become more than just trends. Ranked, competitive, multiplayer is one of those, and Bannerlord will implement it.

The matchmaking system will allow you to play the game in a more competitive setting and be assigned ranks based on your performances in both Skirmish and Captain game modes. This system will be much stricter than the current match-finding system when it comes to pairing evenly matched opponents against one another, allowing you to test your skills against other players on a more even footing.

The progression system will reward you simply for playing the game! You will be able to use your hard-earned points to unlock skins for your troops and sigils for your profile. Eventually, this will be expanded with further customization systems that will reward you for your multiplayer engagements and escapades.

The most important part of multiplayer is the interaction with other players. Recently, the voice chat function was added to the Skirmish mode, which was lackluster at best. TaleWorlds intend to change this and make a voice chat system that players will actually prefer over some external voice comm apps.

With the introduction of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) system, the best performing player in each round will receive an MVP award which will be displayed for all to see and admire, giving you that extra little incentive to push yourself to try and outperform your teammates.

TaleWorlds Entertainment Show off more than just your combat prowess with multiplayer skins Show off more than just your combat prowess with multiplayer skins

Similarly, a new end-of-match screen is in the works which will give a more detailed summary of each game, including awards for players that achieve impressive feats during a match or otherwise excel in different areas of combat and the game mode.

Surely this will bring back some life into Bannerlord's multiplayer, which has been quite dead for some time now, with the only, remotely, active server being the EU server.

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