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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Velvet Shell to deploy

Published: 15:04, 06 February 2017
Updated: 15:47, 06 February 2017
Rainbow Six Siege - Velvet Shell

After the Six invitational event wrapped up this weekend, Rainbow Six Siege has a full year of content ahead

The Invitational event showed off the new map and Operators coming in the DLC.

The first Operator to be introduced in the days leading up to the Invitational event is . The teaser trailer for him showed that he can see footprints left by the enemies. Now we know that the footprints Jackal finds can vary in colour. Those variations are not just a way to add more colour to the map - warmer the colour, more recent the footprint. On top of that, Jackal can analyse even the cold prints and reveal the location of the enemy to the entire team. The only Operator that can circumvent the Jackal's ability is Caveira when she's using her Silent Step ability.

Ubisoft Picture of Jackal from Rainbow Six Siege Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Velvet Shell: Jackal

The second Operator,   got a more in-depth description regarding her special abilities and an overview of what she brings to the sandy beaches of Ibiza. In the teaser for Mira, we've seen that she can blast through reinforced walls, but her ability is not your run-of-the-mill "murder hole" making. Miss Elena makes one way windows for her team to peek through. The windows are bulletproof and can be made into murder holes by blasting the canister at the bottom of each one.

The new map is called " ", and there are a few spawn locations: the pool, the ruins or the front entrance of the club. The White Pearl is a two story circular structure with an atrium. There is a number of bars illuminated with different colour lights, for orientation purposes, and the defenders can cross the atrium without being marked.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Velvet Shell Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Velvet Shell

Weapon skins are also coming with the DLC, and Rook is getting an elite set. Loads of UI and menu updates are also on their way. When Velvet Shell deploys on 07 February, the map will be instantly available to all players, the Operators will be unlocked at launch only for season pass holders, and all the other folks will be able to unlock them using in-game currency a week later.

At the time of writing, Rainbow Six was still on sale with .

YouTube Rainbow Six Siege - Velvet Shell YouTube Rainbow Six Siege - Velvet Shell

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