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Valorant's Jett has been officially unveiled

Published: 19:29, 02 April 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Jett
Valorant - Jett

Riot Games have officially unveiled the abilities of Valorant's poster girl, Jett. She hails from Korea and features the powers of controlling the wind.

Valorant will play much different when compared to other shooters that feature individual character powers as the firearms are highly lethal in this game, as opposed to being dominated by the abilities. Therefore, buying yourself an extra fraction of a second with Jett's agility should prove invaluable in the future.

Jett's signature ability is Tailwind. It is a short distance dash that can be used as a tool for evading bullets or more effectively as a gap closed toward cover. Since it's the signature ability, Jett will be able to zoom around the battlefield without having to purchase it repeatedly.

Cloudburst is the vision denial ability. It is thrown like a grenade and can be curved during the flight for those around the corner throws.

Updraft is basically a jump enhancer that will allow her to reach heights no other agent can. This should set her up for some spatial advantage when either attacking or defending.

Blade Storm is Jett's ultimate. She will pull out several throwing knives, each of them dealing moderate damage. Headshots are instant kills. Knives get depleted as they are thrown but scoring a kill restores all of them. Left-click will throw a single dagger while right-click will throw all the available ones.

She has been announced 24 hours ahead of the Twitch Rivals Valorant tournament which will be broadcast on 3 April 2020. Make sure you tune in if you are looking for beta access.

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