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Valorant will keep ranked queue as it is, peeker's advantage still around

Published: 14:58, 14 May 2020
Riot Games

Riot Games recently talked about the two main issues Valorant has - peeker's advantage and queuing up for ranked solo versus groups. The fans are not particularly happy with the displayed philosophy.

Minimising peeker's advantage is one of the selling points for Valorant as developers promised it through the game's marketing period before closed beta. However, even with 128 tick servers, it is still there and it's noticeable but then again, it is a problem that can't be completely eradicated, only treated. blog post

What the devs promised in the latest blog post is that they will continue to monitor gameplay and attempt to mitigate the harmful effects of peeker's advantage further. One of the ways they will attempt to curb these issues is by trying to modify the time it takes to regain full accuracy after moving but Riot emphasised that should these changes occur, they will be in patch notes.

Other ways they are trying to combat the problem are: 

  • animation blending updates
  • giving players more clarity upon dying in order to see the enemy's movements
  • giving players an option to cancel interpolation delay

None of these changes are being applied for the time being and players will be notified if they make it to live servers.

On the topic of facing premade teams in ranked play, Riot stated they currently have no intention in splitting the queue of such groups from those playing solo. The philosophy is that they don't want solo queue to become the players' go-to info for determining one's skill.


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This approach is highly unlikely to be popular with the player base since solo players will be at a disadvantage when facing full teams who probably know each other and are used to communicating, unlike the solos that just met each other.

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