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Valorant: Reyna ability rundown

Published: 10:27, 02 June 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Reyna
Valorant - Reyna

Riot Games introduced Reyna recently, possibly the coolest agent so far. She is a duelist that is bound to cause frustration among the enemies due to her unique skill set so we made a rundown of her abilities.

Reyna's first ability, bound to C by default, is Leer. It works somewhat similar to Omen's Paranoia, except it doesn't go through walls. She will place an eye on the ground and all enemies in radius will be focused on it, not seeing beyond its visual borders. Enemies can shoot the eye to restore proper sight. Leer can have up to two charges and each costs 200 creds.

Devour (Q) and Dismiss (E) share the same charge pool. Each charge costs 100 credits and can only be used if there is a Soul Orb nearby. These will spawn on enemies' corpses, provided Reyna killed them. Orbs last for three seconds. Both abilities gain bonus effects when Empress (X) is active.

Devour will consume an orb and heal Reyna in a quicker fashion than Sage's orb. Furthermore, it can overheal to 150 total health but 50 will be lost after 10 seconds, which is plenty of time to clear out a bomb site with this duelist. If Empress is active, Devour will activate automatically on killing an enemy but will not consume the orb.

Dismiss causes Reyna to go into an intangible form briefly. She will be seen as a purple silhouette, flying around but will not be able to shoot for the duration. It is a great tool for repositioning when engaging more than one enemy. It becomes even better when Empress is active, as she will become invisible for a short duration, offering a surprise attack at the end.


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Empress is the ultimate. Reyna goes into a frenzy, enemies are all outlined but not through walls. Her fire rate, equip and reload speed are dramatically increased. Devour and Dismiss gain the aforementioned bonuses and do not consume charges for the duration. Speaking of duration, it gets reset when Reyna scores a kill. The ultimate takes six points to become available.

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