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Next State of Play to show MediEvil and yet unannounced game

Published: 10:56, 07 May 2019
picture showing protagonist from MediEvil upclose
MediEvil PS4 Remake

Sony have officially confirmed date and time for the next State of Play live stream, which will include a look at the upcoming MediEvil remake and yet unannounced game. The show goes live on Thursday, 09 May 2019, 3:00 PM PT / 6:00 PM ET.

On their second episode of the video presentation show - State of Play - Sony will be showing off an extended look at the upcoming MediEvil remake, as well as the first look at a brand new, yet unannounced title.

Furthermore, Sony will also include other updates and announcements from upcoming PlayStation 4 games but they did not mention what these games are. For those who expect a long show, similar to the first one, well, that's not going to happen as Sony confirm it will be a quick one, around 10 minutes.

One thing that Sony ruled out from the new episode is PlayStation 5 details. They made it clear that they don't have any updates relating to their next-generation plans at this time. 

There's also a small tease for the third episode of the State of Play that should return sometime later this year. Judging by the time difference between the first two episodes, it's safe to assume that the third one should arrive sometime in July 2019, but of course, nothing is officially confirmed just yet.

Just like the first show, this one will also go live on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch and you will be able to watch it on Thursday, 09 May 2019, 3:00 PM PT / 6:00 PM ET / 12:00 AM CET.

In the first episode, Sony mainly focused on PlayStation VR titles including IronMan VR and No Man's Sky VR among others. This didn't go well with PlayStation 4 players who felt that the episode was a bit underwhelming. 

Sony picture showing a protagonist from medievil crossing a bridge MediEvil PS4 Remake

Many expected that Sony share more details on Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding or The Last of Us 2, but it looks like the Japanese publisher are saving these for a bigger occasion. Whether that is some kind of show around E3 2019, or something completely different remains to be seen.

Sony's PS1 classic MediEvil gets a PS4 makeover in a full remake

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
MediEvil PS4 Remake

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