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EA Sports make UFC 3 free to play on PS4 and Xbox One this weekend

Published: 19:05, 07 April 2018
EA Sports
Two female fighters fighting in EA Sports' UFC 3

Of course, no EA good deed is actually what it seems - the move is intended to promote the UFC 223 event that takes place in New York today. Nevertheless, EA says PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners can play UFC 3 for free all weekend long.

Okay, so you're no McGregor - that's no reason not to indulge in some virtual skull cracking and face smashing. After all, the worst that can happen in EA Sports' UFC 3 is getting a blister.

Naturally, EA is not the company you expect free stuff from and there's a caveat. Namely, UFC 3 will be free to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold members, so it's isn't actually free-free, more like free if you're already burning some cash.

EA Sports In game fighter from EA Sports' fighting game UFC 3 UFC 3

To make matters even more cheapskatish, EA's free-to-play will only let you play UFC 3 for five hours, or 10 hours if you're EA Access member. Furthermore, you're not eligible for the demo if you've taken the game's trial mode for a spin earlier. So benevolent, innit?

Unfortunately for mister McGregor, he seems to have taken part in a bust-up on the UFC 223 bus, prompting his removal from the event's roster. We won't get into this much other than say that UFC seems to be turning into Mexican soap operas.

Of course, you can still play McGregor in UFC 3, seeing as how it's his face that graces the game's cover. Well, at least until he busts some EA skulls. While we're on the subject, wouldn't that just be hilarious?

EA Sports Connor McGregor in-game and on the cover for EA Sports' UFC 3 UFC 3

UFC 3 was developed by Canadian branch of EA and launched on 02 February 2018. The game itself has been pretty well received, albeit EA was heavily criticised for it money-grabbing practices via micro-transactions.

So, if you happen to find yourself being bored watching UFC, and you most probably will, you can indulge in all five hours of EA's celebratory free-to-play offer that's not really free-to-play. Or you can take your hard earned money and shell out upwards of $50 or £50 on some of their other free games, right?

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