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EA Sports UFC 4 PlayStation 4 version has leaked online

Published: 13:16, 09 June 2020
PS4 Patches
screenshot of UFC 4 artwork found on PS4 Patches
UFC 4 artwork found on PS4 Patches

EA Sports UFC 4 listing has appeared on the PlayStation website PS4 Patches. The listing is currently codenamed MAGNUM but features a logo of UFC 4 along with "Community Feedback Environment" subtitle.

It looks like EA could announce their next UFC game pretty soon. A logo for EA Sports UFC 4 along with some additional info has been leaked over at PS4 Patches . In case you are not familiar with the website, PS4 Patches serves as a database for all game updates that are released on PS Store. 

The latest listing for UFC 4 is currently codenamed "MAGNUM" but once you expand the details an image, which you can see above appears, revealing the logo of the next UFC game. There are three listings at the moment and each of them is around 20 GB in size.

The game's ID number also reveals interesting info. It includes "UFCXCOMMPLAYTEST" right at the end as you can see in the image below, which suggests that this could be a test version for EA's Playtesting program.

PS4 Patches PS4 Patches UFC 4 listing showing id number PS4 Patches UFC 4 listing

EA are yet to officially announce a new UFC game but that could change at the upcoming EA Play event, which is currently scheduled for June 18, 2020 - 4 PM PT / 1 AM CET.

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