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Rumour: Ubisoft to reveal Rainbow Six co-op alien shooter at E3

Published: 10:48, 07 June 2019
screenshot from watch dogs 2 trailer showing a space station
Watch Dogs 2 Pioneer

According to the latest rumours and reports, Ubisoft could reveal a brand new Rainbow Six game named Quarantine at this year's E3 expo. Apparently, it's a co-op PvE alien shooter that was originally a non-violent space exploration title.

With E3 2019 just around the corner, many leaks and rumours about yet unannounced games are floating all over the gaming forums and social media. Somehow, Ubisoft's games are traditionally the worst kept secrets and this year it's no different. 

Earlier this month, a leak claimed that Ubisoft plan to reveal a brand new IP on E3, named . Today, new rumours have surfaced regarding Ubisoft's E3 show, which will include two brand new titles and one of them is Rainbow Six co-op PvE shooter codenamed Pioneer.

According to Jason Schreier from Kotaku, who talked about E3 2019 in the latest Kotaku Splitscreen podcast, we're very likely to see new Rainbow Six game at Ubisoft's E3 conference on Monday - 10 June 2019.

Pioneer started as a non-violent space exploration game, originally teased in one of the missions in Watch Dogs 2. The game was originally conceived in 2013 by a small number of people Ubisoft Montreal.

However, the game was cancelled and rebooted as a new Pioneer project - a co-op multiplayer alien shooter that uses some of Pioneer's old features. Apparently, it uses Ubisoft's Anvil game engine, which is the engine that Rainbow Six games are built on.

Schrier did not mention the exact name of the new game but Twitter user Nibel claims that according to his sources, the game will be named Quarantine and it will be announced at Ubisoft's E3 2019. He also confirmed that it's a co-op PvE shooter.

Of course, nothing is confirmed at the moment, and we like to take these rumours with a grain of salt, even with such credible sources like Schrier and Nibel. Whatever happens on Ubisoft's show, it won't be long before we know what these new Ubisoft games are actually about. 

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You can check Schrier's comments and Nibel's tweets are available on his .

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