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Rainbow Six Siege developer may have leaked a Tachanka rework

Published: 08:03, 22 January 2019
A still from Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak cutscene showing Tachanka without his helmet.
Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak Tachanka

Rainbow Six Siege has a running Lord Tachanka meme, sarcastically, due to him being one of the weakest operators on the roster. Some banter between content creators and a Ubisoft community developer suggests a rework may be on the way.

Rainbow Six Siege's worst operator, Tachanka, is not in that spot due to his weapons being bad, but rather due to their ACOG-less short range that has no synergy with his three armour, one-speed anchor style of gameplay. On top of that, Tachanka's gadget, the Degtyarev LMG is stationary and requires an operator to be stuck behind it in order to be operated.

Any, if not all, of these weak points stand to be changed in the future, now that a content creator, Snedger, suggested that Lord Tachanka meme is dead. One could dismiss this as just ramblings on Twitter, but Ubisoft's community manager Craig Robinson, also known as ItsEpi, initially replied by saying that the meme had a good run.

Upon Snedger's statement that Tachanka is just " ", ItsEpi once again replied by saying that this will not be the case forever, suggesting that a rework is in the pipeline. Considering it has been literal years of Tachanka being useless, it would be high time for him to either get buffs or properly reworked.

Some players were even joking he would never get a rework, due to the meme living on and this theory gained some credibility with the Outbreak event. It was here that Tachanka could really shine, as the AI opponents didn't really bother to exploit his immobility while using Degtyarev and its firepower turned him into an absolute killing machine. Another meme was born here, about Ubisoft not updating Tachanka, but rather creating entirely new modes just for him.

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka

Bear in mind that this was just a Twitter exchange between the community manager and a Twitch content creator so nothing is set in stone just yet. Still, ItsEpi's comment raises legitimate questions about Tachanka's future, so we might actually see him becoming relevant in Year Four.

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak

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