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The Division 2 gets fixes for World Tier 5 and Dark Hours bugs

Published: 16:18, 28 May 2019
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The Division 2

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment released another minor patch for their online looter shooter The Division 2, and as always with these patches, the focus is on bug fixes. The patch includes fixes for World Tier 5 and Dark Hours raid bugs.

The Division 2 has received another small update that mainly focuses on fixes for some annoying bugs that appeared in the last Title Update 3, which introduced the franchise's first raid experience named Operation Dark Hours.

According to the official patch notes, the new update fixed an issue that was preventing some players from entering Nelson Theather Classified Assignment and also fixed World Tier 5 bug.

Some players reported issues that prevented them from progressing to the max tier, but Ubisoft and Massive found the solution for the problem that shouldn't bother you anymore.

Furthermore, the devs made some improvements to the delivery of the arm patch, for the first-week completion of Operation Dark Hours. Apparently, some players who completed the raid in its launch week didn't get these but the issue has been resolved and everyone should be granted their arm patch retroactively.

The patch notes also mentioned a fix for a glitch that caused players to fall into an empty world when matchmaking for a Classified Assignment. However, Community developer Chris Gansler said that, unfortunately, this one didn't make into today's maintenance, and will be ready for next patch. 

Gansler also mentioned that the devs are still working on Title Update 3.1 which will bring several fixes to NPC behaviour alongside other fixes for the game but the estimated time for this one is yet unknown.

In 3.1 update, Massive also plan to introduce "Loot as Junk" button so players can easily put the newly acquired items into the trash department so it can get sold or deconstructed in bulk.

The devs are also working on an issue where armour is being extraordinarily high in certain situations, and the fix for this is coming as soon as possible.

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You can check the full patch notes on .

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