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Twisted Marionette returns to GW2 and Armory goes live soon

Published: 19:42, 08 July 2021
Updated: 20:42, 08 July 2021
Guild Wars 2 - Twisted Marionette
Guild Wars 2 - Twisted Marionette

ArenaNet folks are preparing a few treats for Guild Wars 2 fans, with one being the reprise of one of the favourite World Boss events from the past and the other a quality of life improvement that should save us a ton of money.

Twisted Marionette first appeared during Scarlet's war, which resulted in the destruction of the cool Lion's Arch and the eventual rebuilding of the glorified Quaggan amusement park, but it has not been around for about seven years now as the last we saw this giant boss was in 2014.

In other words, many of the players who are active today didn't get to face this boss at all but that is going to change when the metallic construct revisits Guild Wars 2  on July 13, 2021. Oh, and don't forget the epic arrival of the Marionette that is just not safe for work.

While this will be a cool new experience for some players and a driver of nostalgia for others, the Marionette is not all we will get next week. The same update will bring about the Legendary Armory, a system that will let us easily switch Legendaries between characters, or share them, to be more precise.

With this new system in place, you will not need to rely on shared inventory slots to use Legendaries on multiple characters and the system will save you a lot of money if you planned on getting multiple copies of Legendaries so you don't have to bother anymore.

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