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Torchlight Frontiers changes its name and business model

Published: 17:03, 27 January 2020
Echtra Games
Torchlight III promo image
Torchlight III

Echtra Games' Torchlight Frontiers will from now on be known as Torchlight III. The news of the name change also brought word that the game will, in fact, not launch as a free-to-play game but as a premium title on Steam.

Echtra Games' Torchlight Frontiers will no longer respond to that moniker. The upcoming game has been renamed and is now Torchlight III - the true successor to Torchlight I and II. Even though the game was previously introduced as a free-to-play title, some things have shifted around and now the action RPG is going to launch as a premium title. 

The dev team took a look at the Alpha testers' feedback and, after discussing things internally and with their publisher - Perfect World Entertainment - concluded that the change to the premium model will help bring Torchlight back to its roots and make it the true sequel to Torchlight I and II.

In addition to the more traditional way of releasing the game, the devs have also announced that they will be moving over to Steam as the platform for PC distribution. No need to worry, however, as everyone who had played the past Alphas on Arc can expect to receive a Steam key in their email. 

The key will grant the alpha players access to further pre-release testing - this time on .

Alongside these changes to the business model and distribution method, other changes are coming to Torchlight III:

  • The game now follows the classic Act structure from previous titles. Players start at the Imperial Outpost besieged by goblin hordes. They then follow the trail of nether corruption into lands overtaken by Hyvid and finally reach the [redacted] Peaks and their cavernous underplaces ruled by the electrifying [redacted]
  • Horizontal progression has been removed, along with all Frontier-specific levels, gear stats, and scaling. We are returning our progression systems to better work in tandem with this.
  • Most zones are now private by default to give a better play experience. Players can still meet each other in public town levels and form parties to play together in instanced combat zones.
  • When creating your character, you can now select Online or Offline Mode. Characters made in Offline Mode do not require an internet connection to play, but will also not be able to participate in multiplayer games.
  • We have removed the in-game real-money store.

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