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Torchlight 3: Snow & Steam overhauls Forge, adds new Legendary gear

Published: 10:11, 17 December 2020
Perfect World Entertainment
Torchlight 3, Snow & Steam
Torchlight 3, Snow & Steam

Echtra Games and Perfect World Entertainment have rolled out the winter content update for Torchlight 3, adding fresh new pets, legendary gear and more.

The update is aptly named Snow & Steam, and if you want the TL/DR - the Forged and Fazeer have been reworked, there are new frosty pet variants to be rescued and time has come for tweaks on transmog and forts. In addition to the host of tweaks, of course. 

Torchlight 3: Snow & Steam rolled out for all the platforms, although players on Switch may notice some oddities. If so, head over to the official website for more info .

"We’ve added a new, limited-time, ‘Snow & Steam’ Contract with a large assortment of winter-themed pets and fort decorations! Among the list of items that can be obtained are snow based decorations for your fort, an Ugly Sweater Cat variant, and an assortment of consumable and currency based rewards", the dev wrote.

Echtra did some diagnostics after it became clear that the Forged was the least popular character, finding that the secondary higher level skills left a lot to be desired. 

So, they overhauled the HUD, threw in a mechanic based on increased movement speed, and reworked several skills to accommodate for the new resource for the Forged - Steam. 

Perfect World Entertainment Torchlight 3, Forged rework Torchlight 3, Forged rework

Torchlight 3's Steam boosts movement speed and lets you spend it on Attack and some skills. This, according to the developer, will provide for more versatility in builds, most notably those that are built around melee/basic atacks. 

Torchlight: Snow and Steam also adds new legendary gear, i.e. new Mace, Sword, Shield, Focus, Staff and armour set that can be found by end-game level characters (47-60).

Torchlight Frontiers by Echtra Games and Perfect World

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