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Torchlight 3 trailer shows of third and final area - Echonok

Published: 19:07, 26 June 2020
Perfect World Entertainment
Torchlight 3: Echonok monster
Torchlight 3: Echonok

Echtra Games and Perfect World Entertainment have rolled out a trailer for the third and final act in the Torchlight 3 saga - Echonok, where players get to fight and plunder.

Torchlight 3: Echonok unlocks extra story content, new unique environments and as we've come to expect from the franchise - a ton of new dungeons. New dungeons, in turn, mean new bosses and enemies, as well as Echonok-themed loot. 

Echonok launches on June 30, 2020, when players will be thrown on the path of the Netherim incursion. Of course, Torchlight 3 players won't be left emptyhanded for their troubles, as the ancient halls of the Dwarves promise to satisfy any loot urges you may have, and then some. 

Lavish Dwarven constructions riddle the landscape but the treasures within are guarded by their Automata, steam-powered guardians whose job never ends.

"After defeating the twisted, Netherim-infested Sadista, it's up to brave Torchlight III adventurers to take down her cunning sister Veriss, who carries the Void Heart, and with it, the power to merge the human and Netherim worlds. However, preventing Veriss' deadly plan from unfolding is not a simple quest to complete", the dev wrote.

To do this, however, Torchlight 3 players will need to traverse the peaks of Mt. Echonok and then there are the inhabitants of the region - bird-machine scavengers who promise to make your journey much harder than it already is. 

Perfect World Entertainment Torchlight 3: Echonok creatures Torchlight 3, Echonok

Not only do Torchlight 3's scavengers look scary, they also incorporate others' technology into their own, making for a fierce patchwork of things out to kill you. Needless to say, they're not very eager to share the spoils of Mt. Echonok's peaks, but you can check for yourself come June 30. 

Torchlight Frontiers by Echtra Games and Perfect World

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