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Torchlight Frontiers dev says an all-star roster is on the job

Published: 16:19, 20 August 2018
Arc Games
Poster for Arc Games' upcoming MMO Torchlight Frontiers
Torchlight Frontiers

Fans of the Torchlight franchise rejoice, because it seems to be in more than good hands. The latest dev diary by developer Echtra Games says the company has assembled what's basically an all-star team that is currently working on this MMO.

If you've ever touched an RPG game then the name Max Schaefer is household name, what with the man being former CEO of the now-defunct Runic Games and having founded what would eventually become Blizzard North. Now he's got his sights set at Torchlight Frontiers, an action RPG in a persistent MMO universe.

Staying true to his words from back in 2012, when Schaefer said how Runic are interested in changing things up for their next game before digging into anything Torchlight related, the time has come to make good on the statement. In the meantime, Runic went for the quirky action adventure Hob that was pretty well received, although it didn't seem to help Runic, which went under only a few months later.

Schaefer said that Echtra Games gathered an all-star team with a roster filled with people who worked on Diablo, Torchlight and other popular titles. He added that it was almost like bringing the band back together.

As for Torchlight Frontiers, Schafer stressed that they're not just going for a generic MMO that will carry Torchlight branding. "It's gonna have very similar controls to the original Torchlight, very visceral combat, very good feel and weighty swings to your weapons", he said.

Schaefer reminded that while Torchlight II brought with it the advantage of playing with your friends, i.e. multiplayer, Torchlight Frontiers is taking the franchise to a whole new level. This includes growing an already large world and changing things up within it, so as to spice up the gameplay and keep both newbies and seasoned Torchlight veterans glued to the screen.

Unfortunately, there is still no Torchlight Frontiers footage to speak of, although Schaefer says that we'll definitely see some in the following months. The game is expected to launch in 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Torchlight Frontiers by Echtra Games and Perfect World

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