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TinyBuild announced Hello Neighbor and five more games for the Switch

Published: 16:28, 12 February 2018
Dynamic Pixels
Hello Neighbor goes meta with its antagonist playing on a Switch console
Hello Neighbor

Dynamic Pixels and TinyBuild are getting ready to see their survival horror game Hello Neighbor on Nintendo's hybrid console. In addition to Hello Neighbor, five more games published by TinyBuild are set to launch for the Switch.

More indie games are on their way to Nintendo's Switch. Dynamic Pixels and TinyBuild will have their Hello Neighbor on the hybrid console before the year is out. On top of that creepy title, five other games from the publisher's catalogue will find themselves on the Switch.

Hello Neighbor will cost $39.99 (£28.93) and the others will be cheaper and run you around $14.99 (£10.84). The $39.99 price tag will include all future content updates. The vibrant survival horror game launched on PC and Xbox One at the end of last year will be out for Switch sometime around the end of the year. 

Dynamic Pixels Two hands holding on to a plank in Hello Neighbor Hello Neighbor

The other five games include:

  • The Final Station - will be released sometime this month. It is a story-driven side-scroller from Do My Best Games. The Final Station has its focus on "piecing together what happened to a post-apocalyptic landscape". A post-release DLC module is included in the price. The Final Station launched on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One in 2016.
  • Clustertruck, from Landfall Games, also launched on PS4, Windows and Xbox One in 2016. The Switch version should be out sometime in March. Clustertruck is described as "a chaotic physics truckformer where you play a game of ‘the floor is lava’ while jumping on trucks driven by terrible drivers."

Landfall Games Clustertruck logo Clustertruck

  • Punch Club by Lazy Bear Games. Launched for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo 3DS last winter after a 2016 launch on PC. Punch Club sends the player on a "choose-your-own adventure boxing management tycoon." 
  • Party Hard. By Pinokl Games. A strategy stealth game where the premise is to shut down a neighbor’s disruptive party at 3 in the morning, by any means necessary. 
  • Streets of Rogue, by Matt Dabrowski, launched on Steam last March and carries the roguelike tag. It's coming it's coming "later this year" also for Xbox One.
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