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Time To Stop Time - a new FPS by the developers of Phantom Doctrine

Published: 09:41, 27 October 2020
Time To Stop Time key art with logo
Time To Stop Time

Time to Stop Time is an upcoming FPS game under development by Sicarius. The game will be published by CreativeForge Games of the Hard West and Phantom Doctrine fame.

Time to Stop Time is an upcoming FPS time manipulation game in development by Sicarius. Sicarius is a team comprised of two people. The duo drew their inspiration from Quicksilver and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and the finished product has similar gameplay mechanics to those found in Superhot.

CreativeForge Games will be in charge of publishing. The studio has previously worked on games such as Hard West and Phantom Doctrine .

Time to Stop Time will launch on November 6 for PC via Steam. The game will let its players come up with their own solution to any situation they find themselves in and encourage creative thinking when it comes time to resolve an imminent crisis.

The game features time-frozen physics that will see the players changing the moving bullet's trajectory to return them to the sender. Moving different objects and coming up with improvised weapons is expected as well as encouraged.

While we're still waiting for hoverboards to become reality, Time To Stop Time will see its players surfing on a rocket or a tank shell for some explosive fun. Think Samsung hoverboard.

More than 40 Time Sandbox levels will offer wildly different scenarios and puzzles - from your run-of-the-mill bar brawls to a slightly more important task of saving the President. 

The time skip feature will let you move objects though time and send some bullets straight to an enemy's face with them being none the wiser - until it hits them.

Tactical kicking will expedite the delivery of random objects or your enemies away from the action and into a landmine.

Time To Stop Time will officially launch on November 6, 2020.

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