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Phantom Doctrine 2 is not a turn-based stealth game

Published: 12:57, 26 July 2020
CreativeForge Games
Phantom Doctrine 2 - The Cabal
Phantom Doctrine 2 - The Cabal

Phantom Doctrine fans are getting both good and bad news since the beloved game is getting a sequel but on the flip side - it will not look or feel like the original.

CreativeForge Games announced Phantom Doctrine 2 with details revealed on the Steam store page and some gameplay was shown in the trailer, which you can see below. Those who controlled the Cabal and took the fight to the Beholder Initiative in the first game have a sequel to look forward to but the news is bittersweet since it will not be an isometric or turn-based game.

The series seems to be taking some hints from XCOM, which had a similar move when The Bureau: XCOM Declassified launched, although that wasn't really something anyone asked for and the game underperformed eventually.

On the other hand, Phantom Doctrine is uniquely poised to adopt elements from Hitman games and possible integrate them into the cloak and dagger tactics that are necessary for successfully running espionage operations and wet work.

Speaking of espionage intrigue, it appears that the organisation we were running in the first game either went rogue or were set up again by someone else since the player's mission will be to stop the Cabal. 

Phantom Doctrine 2 will be set in an alternative 1986 where the Chernobyl disaster wasn't an accident but an act of terror, along with several other incidents across the world.

Some elements from the first game will persist as the sequel's Steam page notes that "gameplay mainly consists of elements of stealth, silent killings, impersonating enemies, hiding corpses, shootings, plot tracking, mission planning and recruiting new agents".

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