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Resident Evil 0, 1 and 4 are coming to Nintendo Switch

Published: 20:36, 25 February 2019
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Resident Evil 0, HD remaster and 4 are coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop on 21 May 2019. The new ports will be sold separately and in a Resident Evil Origins Collection. The physical versions will be available only in North America.

The Nintendo Switch catalogue is getting richer for three new titles from the iconic survival horror series Resident Evil. Capcom announced that Resident Evil 0, HD remaster and 4 will be coming to the handheld console on 21 May 2019.

Switch users who live in North America will be able to get Resident Evil 0 and HD remaster in the Resident Evil Origins Collection, but the sixth main instalment will, unfortunately, sell separately. 

The Origins Collection won't be available to those who live in Europe. Capcom didn't offer clarification on the decision and they only said that players will be able to buy all three games separately.

Capcom also didn't reveal prices for either Resident Evil or the bundle, but they did set 28 February 2019 as the pre-order start date so it won't be long before we know how much the ports will actually cost.

Numerous Twitter users soon flooded Capcom's announcement post with questions about the physical release. At the moment, the physical version is planned for the North America region only. Just like with the previous Resident Evil Revelations Collection, European players won't get game cards.

Capcom released the Revelations bundle back in November 2017, and the decision to exclude the European market from the physical version was due to "overall production costs, manufacturing times, distribution, and first party regulations".

Capcom Resident Evil 1996 Resident Evil 1996

If the latest ports give you hope that Capcom could release the new Resident Evil 2 Remake on Switch, you better give up on that as the publisher confirmed a couple of times already that they have no plans to do a Switch version.

Anyway, if you're unfamiliar with the three new Switch ports, Resident Evil 1 is obviously the first game in the series and it's still considered one of the best in the franchise. Resident Evil 0 is the fifth major instalment and the first Resident Evil game to include two playable protagonists while Resident Evil 4 introduced a bit more action to the survival horror gameplay and many fans see it as the pinnacle of the series.

Resident Evil 2 remake, Capcom's return to an absolute classic

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