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RE and Dead by Daylight merger date and game details revealed

Published: 14:41, 02 June 2021
Behaviour Interactive
Dead by Daylight killers shown on the game's concept art.
Dead by Daylight

The survival horror genre has, for years, been defined by Resident Evil games. Dead by Daylight, in cooperation with Capcom, are treating us to well-known characters in a new setting, and with new gameplay options.

Whether you are fans of Resident Evil or Dead by Daylight, the most recent addition to the Dead by Daylights chapter is Resident Evil's Racoon City police station. A well-known landscape filled with ominous corridors and lurking threats.

The newest chapter will be available on PlayStation on June 15. 

No details have been revealed regarding the potential Survivors, but the Killer details are already here.

Nemesis, as the most well-known threat of the Resident Evil universe, will be making a comeback. A hulking monstrosity blocking the narrow paths of the police station and spreading deadly pathogens.

His power is the infamous T-virus. A disease that can be spread to others and causes Nemesis to have increased strength, speed, and aggression. No mutant worth its salt goes without tentacles, and neither does Nemesis. His special attack is Tentacle Strike. A ranged attack that infects Survivors and slows them. Vaccines are required to heal the infection, but doing so reveals the infected Survivor's location to the Killer. Nemesis' specialty is his mutation rate which increases with the amount of infection he's spread. At various levels, this buffs his tentacle strike making it able to break through pallets and even walls, as well as giving it more dexterity.

Capcom The Entity surrounds these, hate-filled, hallways The Entity surrounds these, hate-filled, hallways

For the first time ever, the Killer will be assisted by AI monsters. When playing as Nemesis, zombies spawn after a certain amount of time and help you spread your infection, thus increasing your mutation rate.

As Racoon City's police station is the biggest map in Dead by Daylight, changes had to be made to incorporate the map into the game's playstyle. Multiple escape paths and hiding locations have been added. The Entity will have a continuous presence throughout the chapter, adding to the atmosphere and feeding off of the hate.

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