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Resident Evil Village demo pre-loads for PS4 and PS5 now live

Published: 06:34, 16 April 2021
Resident Evil Village - Demo available for PS4 and PS5
Resident Evil Village - Demo available for PS4 and PS5

PlayStation players will be the first to venture into Resident Evil Village's locations and make the best out of the 2-hour-long demo. The demo is currently available for pre-download.

PlayStation 4 and PS5 players are going to be the first to experience the new demo for Resident Evil Village - coming soon to a PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Stadia near you.

This was just one of the many announcements at the Resident Evil Showcase stream:

Resident Evil Village gameplay demo release date + pre-download

The upcoming demo version of Resident Evil Village will give the players a limited opportunity to explore the world of Resident Evil Village in the weeks leading up to the game’s launch. There are two 30-minute demos and one 60-minute foray into Lady Dimitrescu's world.

The demo only needs to be downloaded once, and will only be available during specific dates and times. 

30-Minute demos


  • North America: from April 17 at 5 pm until April 18 to 1 am (Pacific Time)
  • Europe: starting on April 18 at 7 pm to April 19 at 3 am CEST
  • Asia: April 18 at 5 pm – April 19 at 1 am HKT


  • North America: from April 24 at 5 pm until April 25 at 1 am (Pacific Time)
  • Europe: Starting on April 25 at 7 pm to April 26 at 3 am CEST
  • Asia: April 25 at 5 pm - April 26 at 1 am HKT

60-Minute demo

Village & Castle:

  • North America: May 1 at 5 pm to May 2 at 5 pm (Pacific Time)
  • Europe: May 2 at 2 am to May 3 at 2 am CEST
  • Asia: May 2 at 8 am to May 3 at 8 am HKT

Pre-downloads for Resident Evil Village Demo on PS4 and PS5 are now available.

The first part of the demo will allow you to explore the snow-covered remnants of the titular village for 30 minutes. This should give you some time to see what the combat in RE Village will look and feel like.

Resident Evil Village, Capcom's next Resident Evil tale

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Resident Evil Village, I spy with my little eye

Your 30-minute romp around the halls of Castle Dimitrescu will offer up a more claustrophobic experience. Lady Dimitrescu's lodging is full of narrow hallways and cramped corridors that make it difficult to tell what could be around each corner.

The final demo period will consist of 60 minutes of you freely exploring both areas - the Village as well as the Castle. 

Sharing the experience and speculating on what secrets the full game holds are welcome and encouraged.

Resident Evil Village launches on May 7, 2021. 

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